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  • Are Jody Lo candles rechargeable?
    Due to their artisanal fabrication, Jody Lo candles are not rechargeable. Since the glass is hand-blown, each container is unique. Each one’s size and shape varies. It is therefore impossible to create a recharge that can fit all candles. For safety reasons, the wicks must be glued to the bottom of the glass in order to avoid any slide at the edges when the candle reaches its end.
  • The wicks don't seem to be burning as they should, the flames are becoming smaller, what should I do?"
    If your candle isn't burning normally, it might be a sign that the wicks are too close to the melted wax and, therefore, drowning in it. In order to fix this problem, first extinguish the candle. Our advice is to then check if the wicks are standing straight (and, if not, to adjust them) and to, potentially, remove a bit of melted wax with a little spoon. Please wait at least 15 minutes before lighting up the candle again.
  • The wax isn't burning evenly on the surface, why is that?"
    In order to burn evenly, all the wicks of the candle should be lit. To prevent the formation of "craters" in your candle, you should avoid extinguishing it before all the wax surface has melted evenly. Another reason for this issue might be a slight breeze. Although sometimes unnoticeable for us, air movements can interfere with the smooth burning of your candle. For this reason, we advise to rotate the candle from time to time if faced with this problem.
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