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Floral, ozonic, woody, zest


Top note: aldehydes, lemon, orange

Heart note: dianthus, ozone, violet flower, freesia, cloves

Base note: cedar, white wood, amber


€69.00 Regular Price
€51.75Sale Price
  • Handblown thick glass, hand-poured wax.

    120/1 wick; height: 12 cm; outer diameter: 9 cm /65 burning hours

    160/3 wicks; height: 16 cm; outer diameter: 12,5 cm/150 burning hours

    200/4 wicks; height: 20 cm; outer diameter: 15 cm/260 burning hours

    240/5 wicks; height: 24 cm; outer diameter: 17,5 cm/400 burning hours

    If you are the proud owner of new Jody Lo candle, it is important to follow the instructions carefully before lighting your candle to guarantee a perfect use. In order to maintain the JODY LO Candle in an efficient and effective manner, adequate maintenance need to be provided. We recommends you follow the following safety instructions (on the box & under the candle). Take the candle out of its luxury packaging and just light the candle. Do not cut the wicks. They are ready for use.

    We advise you to place your candle away from any air flow to ensure an even burn. For multiple-wick candles, always light all the wicks. A candle must burn evenly on its entire surface. Initially, let the candle burn 3 hours in a row so that the first layer is completely melted in order to have a nice effect. We work with high quality pre-waxed cotton wicks. Therefore, it is not necessary to cut the wicks before each use. If the wick became to long (more than 1 cm), cut the wick with scissors. This will prevent the flame becomes too high and produces too much smoke.

    Wait until the entire surface has been liquefied in order to obtain an even burn. Do not allow your candle to burn more than 4 hours so that the perfume does not deteriorate and in order to allow enough oxygen in the glass so that it burns correctly. A candle which no longer has oxygen will subsequently burn less. Do not burn the last cm of wax in order to avoid accidents. Do not blow out your candle, but place the wicks in the wax and straighten them out again.

    Once the wax solidifies again, we advise you to straighten the wicks out. Periodically clean the inside of the glass with a damp cloth so as to remove the soot.

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