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Citrus note, spicy, vanilla, powdery


Top note: orange, tangerine, cistus

Heart note: tonka, megnut, cinnamon, jasmine

Base note: vanilla, cedar, caramel


€69.00 Regular Price
€51.75Sale Price
  • Falsely discreet, it is suave, languorous, mild and intoxicating. The perfumer wanted vanilla that was not too sugary, but sweet like candied almond, but with a caramel garnish. Joyous citrus harmonies magnify the floral jasmine heart and melt within multi-faceted vanilla, and tender and warm, cinnamon. Inspired by Mark Shagal’s painting “Les amoureux de Vence” (1957).Nothing more romantic and appropriate to describe a lover's meeting in Vence like a sunset.

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