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Includes diffuser, 500ml fragrance refill and 8 black fiber sticks. Three fragrances available. Refills and fiber sticks also sold separately on our website. 

Highlands Diffuser

  • The Highlands, a plateau that makes up the heart of Iceland. Hard to access, but the adventurous will dare explore the unpaved roads to access the magnificent landscapes. If little life blossoms there, you’re still assured to admire intriguing variations of colors and textures as you pass by glaciers and canyons, geothermal pools and their clouds of steam, volcanoes and the ashes they’ve released in the past. A range of tones and textures from light and airy to dark and grainy.

  • Handblown thick glass, black fiber sticks (8pcs).

    Diameter size: 140mm
    Height: 150mm without sticks / 350mm with fiber sticks

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